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Going Green

1. Energy conservation is something that caused alarm among scientists. The first video is about finding long-term solutions to minimize carbon footprint. Scientists analyze some disposable products, emissions of enterprises running on non-renewable resources and so on. It is their firm conviction that they have to do groundbreaking work and develop a new kind of generator for offshore wind farms. They grasp the importance of CCS projects, too.
The third video is absolutely vital for us since it can change our ways to live. Eco-homes still have sustainable development and improve public health. They can be found even in places where temperatures soar above the average. People take advantage of eco-friendly design and reduce their carbon footprint. They stick to sustainable agriculture in India or Senegal, minimize their needs and still enjoy themselves. Seems impossible?

2. I subscribe to the theory that a single person can make his/her city greener. It’s a foregone conclusion that we need to launch a publicity campaign. We can promote eco-friendly design for houses, energy-saving eco lightbulbs or hybrid cars. I have a rough idea that we could not demolish old buildings but recycle them. We can use their steel to build brand-new ones. Planting elms, firs, snowball trees with youngsters is the best idea. In the process of pruning boughs grown-ups could make their kids environmentally aware. This can also show them how important it is to fertilize crops with compost and have not metal fences but hedges. We could advertise rechargeable batteries, alternative sources of energy (power of tidal waves near the sea and offshore wind farms or solar panels in my region) and the like.

The Dark Side of Tourism

     The summer is around the corner. Girls in hot pants and boys showing off their torsos and muscles are chilling out. Those who laze around dream of final calls for flights or go for drive in thriving capitals. Places off the beaten track retain their charm, and globetrotters get about. They know that they make a change. How about their flourishing destinations?
     As it happens, a relaxing holiday can have a counter-productive effect on locals. Rush-hour traffic, changing trains and inquiring tourists all over the place turn out to be a disaster for small and tranquil communities. Equally important, animosity towards well-to-do strangers springs from loss of privacy.      An instance of this is that residents offer resistance to tourists that may have stereotypes about indigenous population and its mind-set. As revealed by sociologists, locals have feelings of nostalgia to those good old days when they themselves soaked up the atmosphere of the native country and enjoyed but not sold their rituals and customs. Now it seems that they were uprooted.
     Besides, residents may not fascinate local council with the idea of skimping on their needs and spending money like water on some landmarks. Tourists quite like and long for time when they can do some sightseeing. Locals do not. This can also be seen in exorbitant prices poverty-stricken residents pay as well as those rolling in it.

     In brief, it seems to me that notwithstanding souvenirs of the trip, remarkably diverse architecture and guesthouses, there is a hidden side. Try to do local inhabitants good. Not once or twice. You will leave at peace with them, and they will appreciate your integration.


News Travel Fast
     We keep you informed as the news in the OA develops. This time we run a story about a course that attracts attention of the audience, and this is ‘Ukrainian-Jewish relations. A millennium of coexistence’. Johannan Petrovskii-Stern wins a lot of praise for his groundbreaking work in the field.
     The course comprising 8 lectures reveals the truth about the phenomena and uses sources close to the original. They take advantage of a book celebrating the achievements of two professors (Paul-Robert Magochii and Johannan Petrovskii-Stern, too. These men worked on the theme for a number of years and were never economical with the truth.
     Visitors and participants of this free programme give the co-authors a credit. Their work has a significant impact on the Ukrainian-Jewish relations.

Here is our interview with Johannan Petrovskii-Stern.
   Hallo each and all, I’m going to tell you about something that will make the headlines of the ‘OA Times’. I’m here to interview Johannan Petrovskii-Stern. Dear Professor Petrovskii-Stern, my name is Viktoriia, and I am your interviewer. It’s not going to be an in-depth interview. Just reveal us a secret of your fruitful work.
   Well, I’m used to being in the full glare of publicity. Needless to say that I am into the topic. I speak highly of both Jews and Ukrainians. As soon as I realized my ambitions of writing, I started to work.
   Will you tell more about the turn of events during the period of coexistence or tell the latest news about culture?
   Well, it’s a controversial decision. I strongly disapprove of telling only about one side. But we are short of time. I’d better use an opinion poll for this now. I have to go. Well…
   Thank you for your kind attention!

His Story. Her Story.

     My story is about a book which caused a sensation long ago and still has a major impact on the world. The prolific well-being of the USA or the UK springs from the usage of the ‘King James’ Bible’. It has been attracting criticism or causing a great anxiety in the mob and the well-to-do. But it made a breakthrough and brought out the best in us. When things went badly wrong people didn’t offer resistance to the Book but put up a heroic fight against their troubles quoting verses from the Holy Scriptures.
     In October,1603 James I called a conference met in Hampton Court Palacefrom where the movement for the new translation began. More than 50 translators were encompassed in it and comprised 6 groups (Oxford, Cambridge and Westminster). Every group had its part of the Bible to translate. Vigorous effort was delayed till 1607 when they finally carried the day and began large-scale translation. It lasted a month of Sundays till given to the public in 1611. That was crunch time since the book influenced not only the UK but the New World as well.
     We often face dire consequences after lose battles. Fierce fighting of an all-out war results in horrors of war. The King James’ Version of the Bible produces the opposite effect. It brought about peace. How many military operation could have been averted with the help of this Book! It has the strongest plea for peace

среда, 31 мая 2017 г.

Money Matters

    I had never thought before that a game can be good value. With the ‘Spent’ I could figure out that ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’. After living in the lap of luxury for two days, I had to be careful about my spendings and make cutbacks. I couldn’t afford a field trip for my child and healthcare for my pet. After that I saved up a bit when decided to repair the kitchen out on a limb. My money was tied up and I was going poverty-stricken. A sharing  neighour gave me his ‘hand-me-down’ coat. Also, I shopped around to find starchy and nourishing foods for my skint family. One thing I’ve proved is that I am still good with figures as I solved a problem for my son with the help of addition, subtraction and multification. On the 27th day I became broke.