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A Touch of the World

Those who pursue their career in country studies will give a look of approval to our company specializing in global tourism. Our asset is that we provide all-inclusive package tours and go the extra mile to fulfill our clients’ dreams. Our rules are to keep calm under pressure, always stay good team players so that we get the best out of other people and always master new skills to do groundbreaking work. Our motto is ‘Touch the world’.
Of course, nobody will work for next to nothing so our working conditions are rewarding in all facets. Associates earn a good living owing to regular increments and our performance related bonus scheme. Also, they have time for themselves thanks to time off (for everyone) and maternity leaves (for women).
We try to be streets ahead and, therefore, have only first-rate professionals. Though, now we need a mountain guide and an accountant. We will assess the skills of all candidates for vacancies. Those who want to have a job as guides should have the gift of the gab, work well in a team and be on the ball in mountainous areas. The accountant has to be good with figures and have an eye for detail. Newcomers earn nearly 18,000 US dollars per year but then they can climb the career ladder later.
Well, in addition to previous mentioned traits, employees should be ready to meet fresh challenges, have a way with new trends and newsworthy events. A dog’s breakfast or something the world’s worst is impossible in our thriving agency.
Now’s the time for our staff manager Hawk Daigle to give feedback.
Hawk Daigle: ‘I have been working here for two years and a half and I would say that our boss and her firm deserve credit. Yes, we are supposed to talk shop and be rushed off our feet. This is especially about my high-powered job. But senior staff are open to offers. People with top-notch qualifications are welcomed here’.

Additionally, career prospects are promising. People who find a winning formula embark on a career for good. You can be transferred from one department to a more attractive one. You can opt and think through all variants. Sometimes you can be absolutely free in making decisions.

среда, 19 апреля 2017 г.


1. The first distinguished scholar does a lecture on methods from old school. His research projects deal with the subject of quick learners who cover a lot of ground in the streets of India. They have natural talents and a proven ability for learning how to use computers, for example. The lecturer wonders whether we need to continue the old approach when the British Empire is gone. He also introduces ‘granny cloud’, a new method of teaching children.
2. The second leading authority in the field of education calls existing system the ‘death valley’ and wonders whether we’ll continue obsolete methods and make children copycats, receiving top marks, securing places at universities, getting credits but not acquiring knowledge. These know-it-alls will be awarded diplomas but will have a tedious outlook. We have to put our thinking cap on and make out the topical aim of education to return kids to studying.
3. I have some rough ideas on how to advance good education, especially English classes. One thing that is sorely lacking is learning it through practice and making grade this way. Eager beavers like we are need some outdoor classes where we can improve our skills with practicing speaking about any things. It’s a foregone conclusion that this way we’ll be more interested in achieving full marks. It is our room for improvement.

Appearance, Character, Relationships

вторник, 28 марта 2017 г.

Feelings, Emotions and Body Language
People can display different sorts of gestures that don’t always imply something unusual. Needless to say, we should not jump to conclusions when we see just clenched fists, a man stroking his earlobe, a glance of a lady. Still, body movements can say something about people striking a conversation. E.g. if they lean towards each other and maintain eye contact, they fancy each other. If people cover their faces, it means that they are carried away, embarrassed, behave shyly, feel down in the dumps and the like. Sometimes a covered face discloses that a person cannot bottle up his/her emotions, is uneasy about something and ready to pour the most intimate things out.

    I fancy 'Be Thou My Vision'  by BYU Noteworthy . Listening to this song, I cannot be cool, calm and collected; I’m always on the edge of my seat. Thrilled to bits and content, I feel a shiver down my spineDerive pleasure from the song... All my innermost thoughts have a burst of energy. The musical composition is sheer bliss, it’s like water whispering and murmuring. Understandably, ‘Be Thou My Vision’ makes my day. I’m in high spirits and with a cheerful grin on my face.

понедельник, 6 марта 2017 г.

Exploring Origin of Words:
Greek and Latin Roots

Some say that there is no need in studying languages which lost their phonic system and which are not audible. They are rich in archaisms, the spectrum of their usage is minimal, and teachers shouldn’t pressurize students and put them in ‘manacles’ of science. Well, neither a scribbler nor a famed scriptwriter, geographer or an ordinary person are pushed to study Latin or Greek. It’s all voluntary, but dead languages have transcendent vocab that exerts and meanwhile broadens your mind. Latin and Greek roots are used in old-fashioned words that’ve stood the test of time: duchy, scriptures, chronicles and so forth. We use them in words that describe up-to-date phenomena, e.g. poser, mismatch, vocalist, graph, tractable, porter, podium, vac… They influenced science and remained in such fascinating names as bicep, synthesis, supernova, autocracy, antibody, microscope and the like. I cannot foresee whether you'll be convinced to learn ancient languages, but I always have a sense of elation when explore the world of words. I hope you have the same feeling!

The text I chose for my table is ‘One Man’s Music is Another Man’s Noise’ (Workbook, the 5th Unit, p. 48).

воскресенье, 26 февраля 2017 г.

About Online Tools

Dear Sharon,
How are things? Hope you're well.
I thought I'd write to tell you something you'd be really enthusiastic to find out. At last I bought a new laptop (I explained you what it's lately) and now there is no need in concentrating my mind on the immence asset of dictionary entries or a wide range of books that only do harm for my studying. Now I can expand my vocabulary on the Internet with remarcable ease.
First and foremost, there's a nice tool for finding synonyms. It's 'Synonym Finder'. I've got the hang of this programme and understood that I knew only odds and ends, the tip of the iceberg.
Then I took time and went through courses in 'Memrise'. I even found Korean alphabet but I'm not going to take learning it seriously.
'Corpus of Contemporary American English' ('CoCa') is a tool that helps me see collocations in their context. I can guess the meaning of unknown words reading for a gist.
'Lingro'  has become part and parcel of my life. On and off I need to take in a new word, and this website gives me a definition in any language I select.
Sometimes in peace and quiet I play games to make progress. Luckily, there's 'Wordschake' that enables me not to be out of practice.
And, what's more, I've got a good head for creating English courses on 'Quizlet'. I wish you could give it a try https://quizlet.com/190801514/appearance-character-relationship-flash-cards/?new
Well, that's all for now. Write back soon.
                                                                                                                                              Lot's of love,